Creating a family


When you decide to marry your loved one, you need to know about the conditions of marriage, where to go and what documents may be needed in certain situations.

For example, depending on whether you have children, whether you have been married before or not, whether you plan to marry abroad, with a citizen of Kazakhstan or with a foreigner - each of these situations requires a different list of documents and changes the place of treatment.

In this material, we will describe the procedure for each of these situations.



How to apply online

You can register your marriage online through this service

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This option is available only to those who marry for the first time and do not have children. All you need is a digital signature and registration on the portal.

Clicking on the button “Order online service” will take you to the electronic application page. It is necessary to double-check and fill in personal information, indicate the future spouse's IIN, indicate the CRO, designate who will pay the state duty, and sign with the EDS.

Payment of state duty is carried out in the usual way of online money transfer from the card of any bank. The size of the state duty is 3874 tenge. To make a payment, you must specify the tax authority and PPC 910 (General established procedure).

After you fill out the application for its part, it will go to confirm the future spouse. He/she needs to log in to the portal, find an application in the Personal Account, fill it in, pay the state duty if it has not been paid before, and sign with an EDS.

The application can wait for confirmation no more than 48 hours, then it will be canceled.

If the application is successful, you will receive a notification with the date and place of registration of the marriage. After that, it is necessary to come with the future spouse to the registration authority at the specified date and time, taking with him/her the identity cards and the printed electronic receipt.

If the result is negative, you will receive a notification with the status "In registration denied".

Marriage if you have been married and/or have children

Where to apply

If you have already been married and/or have children, the online application service will not be available to you.

In this case, you, as future spouses, need to visit CRO.

What kind of documents to prepare

When submitting an application through CRO, both spouses need to have their ID cards and a receipt for payment of state duty (3874 tenge).

It is also necessary to provide information about the previous marriage (Divorce certificate, death certificate) and information about the existing children (Birth certificates), if any.

Conditions of marriage

In order to get married, you must have the full consent of both of you, and each of you must have reached the age of marriage, i.e. 18 years.

Marriage (matrimony) between persons who have not reached the age of marriage (marital), or a person who has reached the age of marriage (marital) with a person who has not reached the age of marriage (marital) is allowed only with the written consent of the parents or guardians of persons who have not reached the age of marriage (marital).

No marriage is allowed between:

  • persons of the same sex (gender);
  • persons, one of whom is already in another marriage;
  • close relatives;
  • adoptive parents and adopted children;
  • persons, at least one of whom is declared incompetent due to mental illness or dementia by a court decision, which entered into legal force.

Marriage to a convict

Where is the registration of the marriage with the convicts

Marriage to convicts serving their sentences in correctional labour institutions is registered by the civil registry office at the location of the institution.

The registration of marriage with persons in respect of whom pretrial detention has been chosen as a preventive measure is carried out by the civil register office in pre-trial detention centres, upon notification of the person or body in charge of the case.

What kind of documents to prepare

  • Identity document;
  • Information about the children (birth certificates) available, if any;
  • Information on the previous marriage (divorce certificate/death certificate), if any;
  • State duty receipt.

Obtaining a marriage certificate

The certificate of marriage (matrimony) is issued in electronic form to each of the persons entering into marriage on the day of the state registration of marriage (matrimony) at the place of its conclusion.

At the request of the spouses, a certificate of marriage (matrimony) can be issued on paper.

Marriage for the first time and without children

Where to apply

If you are getting married for the first time and do not have children, you can send an electronic application for marriage registration via the online e-government portal service. For this, it is necessary to have an EDS for both applicants and their registration on the portal. This method is convenient when, for example, you as future spouses are not in one city or for another reason can not come to CRO together.

More information on online application is provided in the next step.

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What kind of documents to prepare

When submitting an application through CRO, both spouses need to have their ID cards and a receipt for payment of state duty (from July 1, 2023 3874 tenge).

When submitting an electronic application, no documents are required and the state fee is paid online.

Which documents should be changed after marriage

After the marriage, the spouse, if he/she took the surname of the spouse, must replace the identity card within 30 days from the date of receipt of the marriage certificate, and then other documents such as a driver's license, passport, pension agreement, information in public utilities, etc.

Marriage to a foreigner

If you or your future spouse is a foreigner, the registration of the marriage is carried out according to the general rules in the registering body (CRO), or in the diplomatic mission, consular office of the state of which the person wishing to marry is a citizen.

What kind of documents to prepare

To register a marriage, you must first submit a written application for marriage.

The foreigner additionally represents:

  • Certificate of marriage legal capacity.
  • A foreigner residing permanently in the Republic of Kazakhstan shall present a residence permit for an alien in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • If it is necessary to shorten or extend the period for registration of a marriage established by law, an additional document shall be submitted confirming the grounds for the reduction or extension of the period: certificates confirming other special circumstances (e.g. certificate of medical qualification commission on pregnancy, certificate on health condition, etc.).

All documents issued by authorized bodies of foreign states must be apostilled or legalized by the country where the document was issued.

It is also desirable that the foreigner should grant a marriage licence from the competent authority of the State of which he or she is a citizen, as there may be cases where, in the absence of such a licence, the marriage may be declared null and void in his or her home country. But if applicants insist on registration without such permission, their marriage is registered in any case.

Marriage between Kazakhstanis abroad

Where to apply

Marriage between citizens of Kazakhstan residing outside the country consists in foreign institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

At the same time, the legislation of Kazakhstan is applied, i.e. all the rules used for marriage registration on the territory of Kazakhstan are in force.

When submitting an application through the Office of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, both spouses need to have their identity cards and a receipt of payment of state duty (3874 tenge).

You can also order the service online

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