Booking a queue in CSC

The service enables booking a queue to an operator of any branch of "Government for Citizens" Public Corporation. Under each item there is a list of services for which a queue is booked.

Как получить услугу

You can obtain a service via the Portal:

1. Sign in on the Portal and click “Order Service Online” button.

2. Select CSC.

3. Select purpose of visit:

When selecting “Benefit window”, your benefit category is checked and if data is confirmed, you can obtain electronic services as well as services in paper.

4. Select date and time of visit.

Результат оказания услуги
Часто задаваемые вопросы
What can be the reasons for refusal to deliver a public servise?

Refusal to deliver a public service might be caused by unreliable documents provided by a service recepient and (or) data that is contained in the documents.

If you want to report the result, action or inaction of servise provider.

If you do not agree with the result, actions or inaction of government agency`s civil officers, you can apply to the service provider`s head. Your complaint will be considered within 5 working days from its registration and an answer will be provided.

A complaint can be submitted in several ways:

1. Online.
2. Submitted personally to the Ministry`s administrative office.
3. Via e-Gov Portal.

If you are not satisfied by the provided answer to your complaint, you have a right to submit a complaint to an agency authorized to assess and control quality of public service delivery, and also appeal to court.

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Booking a queue in CSC
Получатели услуги
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Free of charge

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