Online casinos have no place in Kazakhstan

Online casinos have no place in Kazakhstan

According to the claim of the Prosecutor of the Akzhaiksky district of the West Kazakhstan region, the court recognized 27 online casino sites banned throughout Kazakhstan (the judicial act did not enter into legal force).

According to domain information, most site owners are registered in offshore zones, including clones of previously blocked sites.

According to Prosecutor Adilet Toktamysov, they provided clients with a wide range of gambling services-from slot machines and poker games to roulette and various attractions.

Article 6 «Of the law on gambling» prohibits the operation of electronic casinos and online casinos on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

However, some citizens are not afraid of the fact that illegal sites do not guarantee the withdrawal of funds, and they can easily become victims of fraud.

In most cases, playing online casinos is not only a sure way to lose money, but also an easy way to become addicted.

We are also concerned about the risks of underage children, whose psyche is more vulnerable than that of adults, falling under their influence.
Therefore, in the fight against illegal gambling, it is important for citizens not only to develop immunity from annoying advertising and tempting offers, but also to control the behavior of children in the virtual world.

It should be noted that an administrative fine of up to 200 MCI with confiscation of playing money and other accessories is threatened not only for involvement or admission to gambling, but also for participation (article 444 Of the code of administrative offenses).

Organizers of illegal gambling can face up to 7 years in prison with confiscation of property (article 307 of the Criminal code).

At the moment, only the coast of the Kapshagai reservoir in the Almaty region and the Shchuchinsky district in the Akmola region within the territories defined by local Executive bodies are legal gaming zones.

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