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Statement By head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Statement By head of state Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Dear compatriots!
Since March 16, our country has been living in a state of emergency.
This time proved difficult for many citizens. Someone's income fell, someone lost their job, someone had to change their life plans. I sympathize with everyone as a human being.
I had to make such a difficult but necessary decision to prevent the widespread spread of a dangerous virus in Kazakhstan.
This was largely successful. The pandemic is not growing exponentially.
Kazakhstan's actions received positive feedback from the world health organization and international experts.
Strict quarantine measures have been introduced in the country, public transport has been suspended, most organizations and institutions have switched to remote operation, streets and residential facilities are being disinfected, and all infected citizens receive medical care.
Of course, the situation in different parts of the country is not the same.
In some regions, the surge in morbidity seems to have already passed. In others, the dynamics of virus spread is still alarming.
We act according to the specific situation on the ground.
Our main task is to preserve the life and health of citizens. We also take measures to preserve the population's income and ensure social and economic stability.
Once again, I want to assure you that in these difficult conditions, no one will be left alone with their problems, and the state will not leave anyone in trouble.
During the state of emergency, I have published two packages of support measures. They are being actively implemented, although they are not without administrative blunders that cause fair criticism from the society.
4 million 250 thousand people received financial assistance.
More than 570 thousand received food packages. We plan to provide products to more than 1.1 million Kazakhstanis.
Funds are allocated from the "Birgemiz" Fund, created on the initiative of the First President – Elbasy. The Nur Otan party is actively working.
More than 1.6 million people in April-may will receive assistance from the state to pay for utilities.
The availability and quality of food products is constantly monitored.
There are enough necessary products in the country.
Local authorities control the prices of socially important products.
We are trying to financially support our medical professionals who are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. The Ministry of health and akims are taking measures to support other categories of medical workers.
More than 1.6 million citizens and 11.5 thousand SMEs received deferred payments for loans and loans totaling more than 360 billion tenge.
Small and medium-sized businesses are in a difficult situation today. If we do not help it survive today, there can be no question of restoring the country's economy.
Tax incentives cover more than 700 thousand companies and individual entrepreneurs, which will allow them to save about 1 trillion tenge.
Funds have been allocated for lending to small and medium-sized businesses at acceptable rates.
To avoid cuts in people and their salaries, a Register of system-forming companies is being formed, which will be provided with appropriate support. It should include companies that are really important for our economy.
Despite all the difficulties, farmers continue to work. Their work deserves sincere respect.
Questions of carrying out of spring field works is mostly solved. There should be no obstacles here. This is the task of the Ministry of agriculture and akims.
200 billion tenge was allocated to Finance spring field work and forward purchase, including 70 billion tenge allocated for the development of seed production, the purchase of fertilizers and pesticides.
In General, the amount of funds aimed at supporting citizens and businesses amounted to almost 6 trillion tenge.
This, as you know, is a huge amount. The task of the Government and regulatory authorities is to ensure the absolute efficiency of funds spent and transparency of the entire financing process.
It is impossible to be complacent about the results achieved. The situation is still extremely serious.
The coronavirus continues to attack the entire world. The number of cases is approaching 3 million people, and this figure will grow. A second wave of the pandemic is expected.
The peak of morbidity in Kazakhstan has not been completely passed. There is still a threat of the situation getting out of control.
Unfortunately, in some regions, especially in Almaty, a large number of doctors and medical workers were infected with the coronavirus. Measures are being taken to ensure the safety of medical personnel. It is necessary to carefully analyze the reasons, determine the responsibility of officials, and prevent a repeat of this situation.
Without further observance of the precautions you may have other foci of infection. If the quarantine measures are lifted at once, we will face a new wave of morbidity.
The danger of the disease cannot be understated. Coronavirus is highly contagious and carries a serious threat to human health. This is recognized by almost the entire world.
To say otherwise is to go against common sense or to pursue malicious intent.
Taking into account the current situation in our country and based on the proposal of the State Commission and experts, I decided to sign a Decree extending the state of emergency until may 11 this year.
This decision is dictated by the current difficult reality.
In accordance with the law, on may 11, the state of emergency will be completed, unless, of course, there is a new mass outbreak of the epidemic. I hope that doesn't happen.
Our common goal is to prevent a negative scenario in Kazakhstan. For me, nothing is more important than the life of every compatriot.
At the same time, The state Commission for ensuring the state of emergency is ready to ease the quarantine regime, primarily in regions and cities where the situation with the spread of the virus is under control.
The state Commission was instructed to determine the list of organizations that will start their work in all regions of the country, following the example of the capital.
First of all, these are industrial enterprises, construction and road construction, transport companies, banks, PSC.
But at the same time, it is necessary to ensure compliance with all sanitary standards, and carry out regular disinfection of workplaces. In everyday life, you need to adhere to the rules of social distance.
Business leaders and local Executive bodies are personally responsible for this. The role of akimats at all levels is growing significantly.
The government will pay assistance to citizens who lost their income in the amount of 42500 tenge for the second month.

You do not need to re-submit your application. Payments will be made based on previously submitted documents.
Families in need will continue to receive food packages.
During the period of isolation, it is not easy for parents with young children, who are especially hard to sit in four walls.
The state Commission together with the akimats should work out the issue of opening access to playgrounds and courtyards.
Naturally, with strict compliance with all sanitary standards and requirements.
Summer residents are very worried, because the most important spring season is in full swing. The state Commission has considered this issue, and the decision will be made public.
All passenger air transport services have been stopped in the country. This was fully justified. But taking into account the relative stabilization of the situation, the Government will open flights between the capital and Almaty from may 1.
This is necessary both for citizens and for the work of many specialists, including those involved in the fight against the virus.
At the same time, it is important to carefully consider all precautionary measures and develop regulations for interaction between aviation and sanitary and epidemiological services.
Partial easing of the quarantine can not be considered as a return to the normal way of life.
Shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, restaurants, parks and other places where people gather will be closed to the public for the time being. Distance learning in universities, colleges, and schools will continue.
I urge the people of Kazakhstan to take these measures with understanding, we must be patient.
Warm weather and the fatigue from quarantine should not become a cause of irresponsibility. Violations of the quarantine regime can multiply the number of victims of the coronavirus.
The main risk group is people with chronic diseases, representatives of the older generation.
But practice shows that children can also get infected, and we have no right to risk their health.
There is no vaccine for coronavirus yet. Only strict compliance with quarantine measures saves thousands of people from a dangerous virus. Please do not leave your homes unless you need to.
This is especially important during the Holy month of Ramadan. This year, on the recommendation of the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan, we will have to abandon some traditions, including the gathering of guests at auyzashar.
There are also may holidays ahead, which will also have to be celebrated at home.
But none of the veterans of the great Patriotic War will be left without attention. Akims will provide financial assistance to war and home front veterans.
The Ministry of health has a task to increase the volume of testing to at least 20-25 thousand studies per day, which corresponds to the leading international standards.
The government is instructed to bring the production of domestic test systems to the industrial level as soon as possible.
We need to take measures to use existing capacities for the production of immunobiological drugs.
When the vaccine prescription is available, Kazakhstan should not depend on its supplies from abroad.
In the post-crisis period, we will give priority to the development of medicine. This area will receive large-scale state support.
The government should make practical proposals to improve the public health system in the draft of the new Code on public health and the health system. I hope that the Parliament will adopt the Code before the end of the session.
In General, we must now prepare for the post-crisis period. This was convincingly stated by Elbasy at a meeting of the Security Council on April 24.
The government and the national Bank will prepare a Comprehensive plan to restore economic growth by may 11, including support for the most affected industries.
Our country is entering a qualitatively new phase of its development. In fact, we will live in a new reality.
Therefore, a large-scale, deep transformation of the economy and the system of public administration will have to be carried out.
Today, I once again appeal to citizens who are on the front line of the fight against the pandemic.
Once again, I would like to Express my gratitude to our doctors and all medical personnel, law enforcement officers and the military, who steadfastly and selflessly ensure the safety of people.
Thank you to the volunteers. Despite the risks, they help people in need every day.
I would like to Express my gratitude to the journalists and media workers who continue to provide citizens with timely and reliable information.
The employees of the state apparatus who ensure the life of the state and the implementation of the package of anti-crisis measures in the most difficult conditions also deserve our support.
Kazakhstan is absolutely open to the international community, we publish all the data, no matter how sad they are.
In this regard, I ask some citizens to refrain from conspiracy gossip.
Yes, there are omissions in the work of state bodies, including those of a systemic nature. We see them, learn lessons, and take the necessary measures in the post-quarantine period. But most government employees work honestly and even selflessly.
The crisis has shown that Kazakhstanis are a nation of true patriots. With your interested participation, we will be able to achieve all our goals. There is no doubt about it.
Together we will cope with all the difficulties and problems!
We are together!

Дата публикации
27 April 2020
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